They said it couldn’t be done, but finally, there’s a new kind of lavender that looks good all winter. Appropriately dubbed ‘Phenomenal’, it’s so good, in fact, that it’s now being used for municipal plantings. To understand the hype, I bought three plants last year to carry out a trial run. What I discovered was nothing short of, well, phenomenal.


Who doesn’t love what’s exciting and new? This variety checks all the right boxes. Exceptionally tolerant of both hot and cold weather, Phenomenal lavender is built to withstand nature’s trials. Not only does it retain its foliage through the winter, but it also stands up to humidity. And that’s no small feat for a species that originated in the dry, hot climates of Africa, Europe and Asia.

But wait – there’s more! Phenomenal’s wands of deep purple flowers are highly fragrant, which according to its breeders, is due to the plant’s high oil content. Moreover, the flowers are darker than most traditional lavenders and they last longer; blooming from mid-summer all the way until fall.

Can Lavender plants survive a frost?

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Key Takeaways: English Lavender varieties are cold hardy and can survive winter frosts. Non English lavenders do not tolerate frosts and will not survive winter in temperate climates, however they can live for many years in climates with mild winters.

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