What is Duppy Gun?

Duppy Gun, formally known as ReulllaTuberosa, is an adventive plant species native to the Caribbean region. An adventive species is one that has been introduced into a specific geographic area from a different region; the plant has been naturalized in areas such as Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia. Duppy Gun is a member of the Acanthaceae family and is also known in other cultures as Fever Root, Minnie Root or Sheep Potato. The plant is relatively small and features thick spindle-shaped, tuberous roots and reaches an average height of around 25 cm. Duppy Gun thrives in moist, shady environments and features beautiful funnel-shaped, violet couloured flowers.A unique property of the plant is that the dry pods tend to pop when rubbed with either water or saliva.

How to use Duppy Gun?

In Jamaica, the health benefits of Duppy Gun are generally had from consuming herbal tea made from the plant’s root and or the leaves. This herbal tea is made by stripping and properly cleaning a sufficient piece of the root or washing a few of the leaves. The piece of root, or leaves, is then allowed to steep in hot water for a few minutes before being sweetened with honey. The Duppy Gun may also be mixed with other herbs to make an even more potent roots tea.

Health Benefits of Duppy Gun

Duppy Gun is said to feature strong gastro-protective properties and has been used in traditional forms of medicine to combat gastritis. It has also been documented that the plant serves as an aphrodisiac and also to improve the potency of semen. This makes Duppy Gun a common ingredient in roots tonics that are marketed towards men who are looking to improve their overall sexual performance. The herbal tea derived from the plant is also used to combat coughs, colds and the flu. It is also used as a remedy for inflammation of the stomach and intestines, constipation and general stomach ailments.

What is Ruellia tuberosa good for?

This plant is well known for its traditional uses as an antiseptic, depurative, diaphoretic, diuretic, emetic and purgative, and for the treatment of bronchitis, constipation, bladder stone, cystitis, fever, leprosy, gonorrhea and other venereal diseases

What is Medina herb?

In Jamaica, it is commonly used to combat a variety of ailments but it is probably best known of all as an aphrodisiac, particularly a booster for males’ sexual exploits. Medina is an evergreen plant that thrives all year round in tropical climates.

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