What is Jamaican Cho Cho?

The Jamaican cho cho, is actually a fruit but is mostly used as a vegetable. It is largely used in salads, pickles and soups. The fruit is originally from Mexico and Central America. There are quite a few varieties; however they all have a slightly oval shape. Cho cho is a good source of vitamin C and amino acids.

Cho Cho good for diabetes

Persons suffering from the effects of diabetes may also benefit from its consumption as it is low in total carbohydrates and high in soluble fibre, which assists in regulating blood sugar levels.

Can you eat Chocho raw?

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What is this? Cho Cho can be eaten raw or cooked. There are also many ways to prepare chayote for eating, try thinly sliced, shredded, julienned, or diced. Raw chayote can be used as you would use cucumber.

Is chayote high in uric acid?

Also, chayote contains low purines (elements that can increase uric acid levels in the blood), so it is good for consumption by gout sufferers.

Is chayote good for kidney?

The whole plant including the fruit, stem and leaves contains multiple nutrients and has anti-inflammatory properties that can aid in the treatment of high-blood pressure, kidney stones and indigestion. Chayote can also help support weight loss efforts, as it is low in calories and fibrous.

Can chayote lower blood sugar?

Chayote squash is low in total carbs and high in soluble fiber, which may help regulate blood sugar levels ( 7 ). Soluble fiber slows down your digestion and absorption of carbs, which reduces your blood sugar response after eating ( 8 ). Chayote may also improve blood sugar control by affecting insulin.

Is chayote high in potassium?

Minerals and Vitamins
Boiled chayote squash provides 277 milligrams of potassium and only 2 milligrams of sodium in each cup. Most vegetables, such as chayote squash, are good for your blood pressure because they are high in potassium and low in sodium.

Can chayote cause anemia?

It prevents and treats anemia. This incredible food contains high levels of vitamin B2 and iron, components that promote to a high level the production of red blood cells, necessary action to avoid the appearance of anemia.

How do you make chayote tea?


  1. Make tea with 5 bags of chamomile, you will need 3 cups.
  2. Heat oil and cook onions for 1 minutes.
  3. Add chayote, aji pepper, black pepper, sea salt and chamomile tea. Cook 20-25 minutes.
  4. Put the soup into a blender and puree until smooth.
  5. Serve.

Can you juice chayote?

Its soft texture makes chayote squash delicious eaten whole, and it can also be juiced for a nutrient-packed beverage. Raw chayote squash juice boosts your intake of vitamins and minerals, offering a range of health benefits thanks to its nutrient content.

Is chayote good for hair?

Chayote Squash

It’s great for your hair because the combination of the nutrients can delay greying, reduce breakage and strengthen your strands.

Is chayote good for pregnant?

Chayote is rich in folate and prevents the chances of neural birth defects , malformations and certain heart defects in the growing baby.

Is chayote healthy for babies?

Yes. Chayote contains plenty of zinc for robust metabolism, folate for neurological development, vitamin B6 for brain development, and vitamin C for healthy skin and immunity.

Is chayote a starchy vegetable?

Abstract. Chayote is a multipurpose table vegetable widely consumed in Latin America countries. Chayote fruits, leaves and tuberous roots contain complex carbohydrates as dietary fiber and starch, vitamins and minerals.

How does chayote help high blood pressure?

Chayote contains potassium and alkaloids which are diuretic, which helps the kidneys remove excessive fluid and salt from the body, so that less fluid in the blood will reduce blood pressure. Fruit and shoots of chayote are diuretic (smooth out urine).


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