1. Landing Wings forming unity: Two wings come together in a graceful, overlapping formation, symbolizing collaboration and unity. The wings are designed in a way that when they meet, they create a strong sense of togetherness and support, demonstrating the partnership and cooperation between entities.
  2. The Heart of the Organization: Within the overlap of the wings lies a symbolic representation of a heart. This heart signifies the core values, passion, and emotional connection within the collaboration. It reflects the deep-rooted care and dedication towards the shared goals and missions.
  3. The Twining S of Symbiosis: Encased within the heart and wings, an elegant, intertwined ‘S’ signifies the interconnection and interdependence between the partners involved. The ‘S’ represents Symbiosis and showcases the mutual relationship and support between the entities, coiling and embracing the unity and shared objectives.
  4. The Womb Shape of Creation: The overall shape of the logo embodies a womb-like form, representing the nurturing and supportive environment where ideas, innovation, and collaboration are conceived and developed. It signifies a space where creation, growth, and evolution thrive.