Symbiosis Food For Life and Fishgen Ltd working together, at last.

Errol Taffe from Symbiosis Food For Life has been promoting Tilapia fish Aquaponic farming from 2014, though the knowledge and inspiration was from Eric Roderick CEO Fishgen Ltd in Wales.

Through the expertise of Eric from Fishgen, I was able to introduce Aquaponics with Tilapia fish to Stourbridge College, Pershor College, Barbados and advised Nacarva College Aquaponics unit in Jamaica.

Aquaponics is an innovative agricultural system, that can help smallholder farmers to become more resilient to climate impacts, increase output of their farms, improve profitability of their businesses. This project partnership with Fishgen & Symbiosis Food For Life to encourage smallholder farmers to adopt the technology adding to the sustainability farm program.