Black soldier fly

How fast does black soldier fly grow?

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They grow over about 14 days and then all but 10 to 20 percent are harvested into feed. The remaining BSF perpetuate the colony. Within two weeks, they pass through the pupae stage before becoming flies.

Can you raise black soldier fly larvae?

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Without a doubt, harvesting black soldier fly larvae is the easiest part of the process. All you need to do is put a bucket with holes in it inside the container in which you are raising them. Put some food scraps inside, and wait. Eventually, the larvae will wiggle their way into the bucket to get a snack.

Can black soldier fly larvae eat grass?

A: Food waste rich in vegetal, carbohydrates and fruit scraps are especially ideal for growing BSF larvae. Also good are fruit pulp and vegetal trimmings. Green leaves and grass trimmings are OK, but dry grass, hay, straw and dry leaves are not.

What do you feed a BSF larvae?

Animal manure is good for BSF larvae (chicken and pig manure). These eat a lot of protein-rich animal feed so their manure is great for your BSF larvae. If the manure comes from a healthy animal, then it may be good. You can mix them with some water to create a paste for the BSF larvae.

How long does it take for black soldier flies to lay eggs?

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Although black soldier fly does not lay eggs if they never mated before, females do have eggs developed in the ovaries regardless of the mating. If the female ever formed a pair with a male, and they got interrupted before they finished, which could be 10-30 minutes, the female will lay all the eggs.

How many times does BSF lay eggs?

The oviposition period ranged from four to ten days with an approximate average number of 48 egg-laying females (Fig. 7b). Eggs from each female were placed in clusters and each consisted of 500-900 eggs.

How can you tell the difference between a male and female black soldier fly?

The sex of the black soldier fly can only be determined at their adult stage, which mean the earliest point to distinguish male and female is the time they hatch. The traits of each sex are well distinguished, very easy to tell. The female black soldier fly’s tail end up with a scissor shaped structure

What are the benefits of black soldier flies?

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The black soldier fly larvae contain up to 50% of high-quality protein, as well as necessary vitamins, fats, and amino acids. They are also rich in antimicrobial, medium-chain fatty acids which have proven gut health benefits.

How do I start black soldier fly farming in Kenya?

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To start, farmers need to go through 2-3 hours of training on how to raise black soldier fly eggs to the larvae stage. This training is offered by Ecodudu at Sh300 per head or Sh1,000 per group of five individuals on. Trainings are offered daily based on appointments.